Amyris and Sandalwood Soap


Beautiful and stunningly packaged Amyris and Sandalwood from Badgers Walk Soaps, handmade on the Isle of Wight.  A very relaxing blend thats extremely relaxing and can aid insomnia. They also say this works as an aphrodisiac.

Badgers Walk use the beautiful beeswax from a local bee keeper when available. All their soap is made using the finest vegetable and Plant oils with botanicals and essential oils, they do not add any colour nor do they use parabens or SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) so no nasty chemicals. Badgers Walk soaps are not tested on animals and are suitable for vegetarians.

Their soap has helped many who suffer with dry, itchy, split and troubled skin and carry the relevent assesment certificates in accordance with EU legislation.

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