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Bee Hive Storage


A stunning addition to the garden, inspired by traditional beehives, this provides an invaluable storage solution.  It even has pretend bees to make it look super authentic and mesh to stop real bees making it their new home.

It could be used for storing all sorts of things including firewood, bags of coal, small garden tools, childrens toys, furniture cushions as well as plenty more options.  It can even be used to hide your fish pond pump.

It is 56 cm wide and 95cm high (at its widest and tallest) with a storage space of 51cm square by 70cm high approx. The lid has a ventilation hole with  mesh to allow anything stored damp to dry out. There is also a small ventilation hole again with mesh at the bottom.

Made of 12mm exterior plywood which has been further treated with Cuprinol Wood Preserver, then primed, undercoated and two coats of gloss using exterior paint.

We only offer Island Delivery due to the weight and all are made to order.  You can have it personalised at no additional charge.

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