Mango Body Butter


With the tropical fragrance of exotic mangoes 1964’s Mango Body Butter will feed your skin with super softening mango butter, intensively moisturising shea butter, creamy coconut oil full of antioxidants, and vitamin enriched sunflower and rice bran oils.

They also use beeswax, a natural skin barrier that allows your skin to breathe whilst protecting against pollution and harmful free radicals. Free radicals increase the effects of ageing, and this mango butter will help keep your skin looking young and supple.
Apply generously to clean skin to help keep it feeling soft and smooth.

◦ Suitable for all skin types
◦ 100% natural plant oils
◦ No artificial chemicals
◦ Not tested on animals
◦ Intensely moisturising

The delicate mango colour comes from natural Red Palm Oil and not from synthetic colouring.

Use every day to help keep your precious skin nourished and wrinkle-free. Mango Body Butter is designed to penetrate deeply to moisturise dry and sun damaged skin. Safe to use on your face and its made on the Isle of Wight.

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