The Little Isle of Wight Company

Solstice 120ml Aromatherapy Sox Wax Candle


Solstice is a lightly spiced  blend of cinnamon, ginger and sweet orange essential oils, formulated to warm the heart and mind encouraging your senses to feel pleasantly nourished.

Made on the island by Wight Apothecary 120ml candles have a burn time of approximately 20 hours.  Each candle is composed of 100% soy wax, the purest essential oils and have a cotton wick.  Soy candles are clean burning and leave no black residue providing the wicks are trimmed correctly.  The jars and lids are multi-purpose and reusable.  After you have finished burning your candle, let the jar cool completely just place it in the freezer.  Any resining wax and the wick should be easily popped out.

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