The Little Isle of Wight Company

News so far for 2021

We have decided to shake things up a bit and introduce some new products over the coming months. One of our first ones is Tracey Simmonds, founder of Wight Apothecary because we don’t want or need to make our own candles as these are fabulous and we don’t feel we could do such a great job. Tracey grew up on the Isle of Wight with a “build, repair, make do and mend” mentality that came from her family’s drive for self sufficiency. Some of her early memories include helping her father grow veg, picking elderflower heads to make elderflower cordial and going “wooding”, a family activity that involved collecting fallen branches for use as kindling for the winter. In her late teens Tracey left the Island to study photography in London, where she worked professionally after her training and developed her design skills and love of great imagery. Returning to the Island for a sabbatical some years later she fell back in love with the rural life, met her husband and started a family.
Wight Apocathery was established in 2015 when Tracey began her search to create an affordable candle that protected health and well-being whilst delivering a wonderful fragrance. She was inspired to take this direction after a burning luxury high street candle one night had left her with blackened and sooted walls. Burning a gifted, high end, soy wax candle some weeks later she realised the vast difference that the quality and purity of ingredients made. However as the gifted candle was beyond most people’s price range, she created Wight Apocathery and stared to make her own. With her lifelong passion for sustainability and natural wellbeing, and a new baby to care for, Tracey found that her journey with the candles soon grew into a desire to share her awareness of what we are breathing in, putting on our skins and using in our home environment. Wight Apocathery was born out of this desire to create beautiful products that are as clean and pure as possible whilst remaining affordable.
Wight Apocathery has since developed and expanded it’s range beyond the gorgeous candles to include reed diffusers, beeswax wraps, lavender eye pillows, macrame plant holders and natural firefighters, all made by hand in her kitchen studio. Tracey is proud to have created an artisan brand offering ethically sourced and pure ingredients, beautiful fragrances, finishes and designs at affordable prices.