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Confessions of a Waiter


As an ex-owner of Keats Cottage Bed and Breakfast and restaurant in Shanklin, David Woodward has recently published his memoirs entitled Confessions of a waiter. The book highlights his time on the Island, has numerous amusing tales of guests, but also raises a number of serious issues. It is a brutally honest look into not only the world of hospitality and the challenges that starting a business poses, but also about his own life.
The book has forwards from his old colleague Fred Sirieix, from first dates and Jane Mcdonald. The book also looks at the celebrities he has served and his time on Channel fours four in a bed, which was filmed on the Island. The pictures in the book feature him with a young Fred Sirieix, when they worked together at the Bluebird restaurant and with Jane Mcdonald at Keats Cottage restaurant.

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