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The Pebble Champion


For Christopher Elliot, life as he knows it has ended. His mother is dead, taken from him in a tragic car accident, and he’s lost his best friend, gone in a moment of betrayal. Now, he’s forced to move to the Isle of Wight to live with the father he hasn’t seen in a decade. Everything in his life, including his thoughts and dreams, is suddenly out of his control.
His only solace is the simple act of skipping pebbles across the waters of Shanklin beach where he competes to become “The Pebble Champion,” skimming stones farther than anyone else.

This beautifully written, deeply emotional novel skillfully transports readers into the imagination of a gay teen desperately trying to deal with the death of a parent – providing a powerful and poignant look at what it takes to overcome profound loss.  Captivating and uplifting, “The Pebble Champion” is one of those human stories which will stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page.

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